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Heat Shrink Tubing Products

Maximum Working Temperature & Flexibility Guides

Our products range consists of:

Thin wall & Flexible PVC  

Flexible or rigid, low cost material made of PVC that offer excellent electrical insulation and one of the lowest shrink temperature of all shrink tubing.
Operating Temperature: 105°C Rigid or Flexible

Thin Wall PET   PET & Mylar
Thin wall, eco-friendly material made of PET that offers excellent electrical insulation which is toxic free. Spiral Wound Mylar provides a tight protection.

Operating Temperature: 125°C 150°CRigid or Semi-Rigid
Polyolefins   Polyolefin & End Caps
Thin, medium or heavy wall is available in several shrink ratios, types and with various properties, including flame retardency, temp. ranges and zero halogen.
Operating Temperature:
105°C 125°C 135°C Flexible or Semi-Rigid
Temper Proof Cap Seal   Tamper Proof & Shatter Proof
PVC cap seal prevents duplication and tamper evident. Shatter proof PET fluorescent lamp cover makes more secure enviroment in any industry.
Operating Temperature: 105°C 125°C Rigid
Fluropolymer   Fluoropolymer
Fluropolymer is used in applications requiring an excellent high temperature rating, chemical resistance also rigidity for strain relief and UV inhibated.

Operating Temperature: 175°C 250°C Rigid or Flexible

Elastomer possesses the good mechanical properties of conventional synthetic rubbers, excellent strength, heat and chemical resistance.
Operating Temperature: 120°C 150°C 200°C Flexible

Non Shrink Silicon Tubing  

Silicon Non Shrink
Silicon Non Shrink offers excellent protection, excellent mechanical performance, excellent strength, heat resistance, chemical resistance and is non-toxic.
Operating Temperature: 250°C Highly Flexible

Expandable Braided Sleeves   Braided Sleeve
Bundling of wires, cable and hoses. Protection against mechanical abuse such as abrasion and pummeling while maintaining flexibility.

Operating Temperature: 150°C Flexible

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