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  1. How do I size heat shrink tubing correctly?

In any range of product the most economical way in choosing the size of your shrink sleeve is to generally look for the nearest size which is greater than your object diameter including clearance for easy application. Taking into account any extremities flanges etc. which are larger diameters which need to be cleared prior to application. Only when your application requires the wall to be thicker should you maximise the shrinkage on the diameter by choosing the nearest shrink sleeve where the maximum recovered diameter is slightly less than the object diameter.


2. Why does my heat shrink tubing look too big for the application?

Before shrink tubing is heated, it may be 2 or even 3 times the diameter that it will become after heating. If sized correctly the tubing will shrink down to a snug fit. If the tubing is still too loose then either it was sized incorrectly or it has not been exposed to enough heat to maximize shrinkage.


3. What specifications do your products meet?

Many of our products have been tested to UL, BS, Def Stan.,VG, and Mil specifications. If you need a certain specification, please call us and ask.


4. Can you provide a product if I provide you with a competitor's name or part number?

Yes! We maintain a reference guide that contains most of the major tubing manufacturers.


5. Can you colour match?

Yes we can. We will match colours from a Pantone number or a swatch on the Lay-flat PVC.


6. Does shrink sleeve have a shelf life?

Yes, however most polymers, if stored properly, will last for years. Cool, dry conditions, away from sunlight, are the best conditions for heat shrink tubing to be stored. Each polymer has a different shelf life, please contact us for more information.

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